It’s time, break the silence.

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Follow Forever



Hi, Guys!

I didn’t make such posts for so long and now it’s time

to break the silence. First of all I would like to thank each of

you for exicting. It’s been a year since I’m here, and every day,

coming here, I feel happy and gratitude to all of you. All those

with whom I met here, extremely talented, friendly, flawless

and lovely people. And I’m sure that you will remain so forever. 

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knamjoo-deactivated20131025 inquired: Can I may please use your gifs for my roleplay as zico?

Hi! Sure you can! :D Thanks for asking me!

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Well… This was a long year and so many things were happen to all of us…

This is my first tumblr year and when I made my first steps here I was wonder how it will be … and know what?….

I still remember first followers I gain :) and now looking back to that time I feel flattered as I’m still happy among you.

Thank you for being with me all the year ;)

and this is my Follow Forever 2012 post

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2012.09.14 Happy birthday, Jiho!

I wish you the happiest birthday and I hope you get to spend it with people you love ♥ I wish for you to always stay happy and healthy, I love you always and I will always stand by you and support you my love. Happy birthday baby! ♥